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A New Dawn And A New Blog

Hello & Welcome

I am so LUCKY!   This is my morning wake up view and because of the beauty I am surrounded with I became an ARTIST.

Living on the open bayfront overlooking Fire Island here on Long Island ‘s south shore I have been persuing the art of watercolor painting. Inspired by what I see, hear and feel as each day invites me into a stunning world of beautiful colors, shapes and formations, I became an artist.

Being an artist has allowed me to SEE the world in a totally different way. You have all heard the expression “rose colored glasses” well as an artist  we put on our own kind of glasses. We view the every day surroundings much different ………….Colors are brighter, deeper, stronger and even more varied as I see them as an artist……….Shapes are everywhere  clouds, trees, water, waves, mountains, buildings, animals and even people each have their own shape and form, large or small,  straight or curvy,  individual or in masses, each creating the objects that fill the world around us……..Shadows are some of my favorite forms that I see everywhere, they give color, contrast and sometimes add mystery. By that I mean,  imagine being in the woods with sunlight streaming through the tree tops, but off to the side deep under a grouping of trees is the darkest almost blue black shadowed area. No light penetrates this spot and you can feel the mystery of that area  it’s a small void that lives  hidden throughout the brightness of it’s surroundings. Shadows also give shape to the land as they run long and dark hugging the landscape  beneath them, up hillsides, down sandy dunes, across country roads and alongside even up against buildings taking on the shapes of whatever they are created from.

I think you get the idea that I see the world as an artist and through my new blog I will share my journey as an artist with you. And I am looking for other artists to join me along the way. But even more important, I want to help you, who have always had  a hidden desire to explore the art world, to do it now and come along and PAINT WITH ME.


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on January 31, 2009.

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