Play Today

Amazing Dawn

                            How amazing is it to have dawn arrive in a blazing show. I am in awe of the greatness and beauty of the sky above me. As I stand beneath this colorful umbrella of emerging light I can’t help but feel so fortunate to be in this moment. Feeling the strong push of the wind as it whips around me, inhaling the salt filled air,  I am part of this glorious daybreak.  Capturing this display and sharing it with you, I hope you will take a moment and allow yourself to BE in this place of beauty.

                         I want to paint these charcoal clouds with their golden rays of sun. I would add a bit more violet into them and bring out more fuchsia where the gold shines through.  This weekend I’ll make the time to get into my studio and play with my paints.  Touching the paper with color and seeing the images take shape is a sacred moment, all the problems that occupy my mind disappear and I mentally drift away to a place within the painting that I’m creating.

                         When you need to walk away from the world around you pick any type of drawing instrument you have, even a crayon will do, and put your colorful mark  onto paper. Feel your worries  melt away, be totally relaxed and child like as you play. I wish I could be next to you having laughs  as we fill our paper with colors. This is the fun part of life you don’t want to miss.  Go and have some fun today and  PAINT with ME.


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on February 12, 2009.

One Response to “Play Today”

  1. I’ve been writing in a journal about the world and bringing light into it.I sketched each page with colored pencils and noticed that internally I felt good as I did this.Color is so important in our world and inside ourselves.Each color inside of us connects with a chakra(7 internal centers that regulate our bodies energy).Each color in the world is part of an entity i.e the sun(yellow),sky(blue),fire(red) etc. I am a firm believer in being a light in the world will displace the darkness we see…it must! Thank you for your great site Lorraine.I ordered a new journal with the painting reflections on the cover.That painting is magnificent!!!Peace and Light to all,Linda

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