Valentine’s Dawn

Pink From the Heart

Pink From the Heart

          Today is about Love                                                  

       I know that this is a commercial holiday. I see it all around me in every store I enter, it’s been on the shelves for weeks now. I know I’m suppose to buy cards & candy and give them to everyone I know. But the real “Gift” I want to give is the true feelings I have for the ones I love.

       I love my Dad. He’s 80 years old and living life. He’s out and about visiting his daughters and grandchildren all over New York. He loves going out to dinner and having a few drinks and laughs. He lives down the street from me so I get to spend time with him often.

       I love my sisters and their families. I am one of 6 girls. I grew up in an all female tribe. I have 2 sisters that today are my best friends, Cindy & Annie, and I love them and I’m thankful to have their love in return.

       I love the animals that share my home with me. Moose my 145lb mastiff mix was rescued from a shelter and is my needy mushy big boy. He is a little pushy with the other animals but has a heart of gold and patience with the cats. Jesse James my 90lb sheppard mix was rescued from an abusive home and came to us in pretty bad shape. With lots of love and doctors care we gave him his life back and he pays us back by being the sweet loving dog he is. Romeo my handsome black cat was a tiny kitten when he showed up. Moving him into the house was easy, he’s a laid back beauty who get along with everyone he meets. Juliette my gray tiger striped cat we found in a garbage bag with her kittens, abandoned on the roadside. We found homes for her babies and  moved her into our house. She’s the crazy one who thinks she rules all the others but she’s warm and affectionate and make me laugh with her playfulness. Snapper my parrot has lived with me for 29years and she is the one who rules the roost. She wants to be a part of all conversations but she doesn’t speak only screech’s, and she needs to be loved constantly. Everyone lives together in my small cottage home and the number 1 rule is you must all get along  and be kind to one  another. And they are.

             I have tremendous LOVE for my husband Bruce. He’s been my partner and friend for 28 years and stands by me, supports me, guides me and loves me. He and I have worked together to have a good and happy life and I believe that we were brought together to travel this path in live joined as one yet remaining individuals. I admire the strength and willpower he has. He helps me be who I am by supporting my choices and ideas. I am so thankful to share my life with him.

           I love being an artist. Painting the world as I see it is an expression of love. The love of color I see in the sky & water. The love of movement I see in the rise and fall of the waves.   Or,  the bending of the reeds as they blow  in the wind on the shore. The love of shapes I see as shadows fall across a roadway or climb up the side of a building. The love of the first strokes of color I put onto my white paper as I start a new painting.  I love showing my finished painting to  Bruce, he is always honest with me  and I trust what he has to say, even if I don’t agree.

          What do you Love?  Have you expressed your love recently in any art form. Try putting your feelings onto paper using the colors of your mood. See what you create by just playing and not working. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Use lots of colors and see how it makes you feel. Today I’ll paint from the heart why don’t you  “Paint with Me”.


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on February 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “Valentine’s Dawn”

  1. My favorite love is unconditional. Like the love for my 18 year old boys that make me crazy and have my unwavering love. I love feeling good in the morning as I greet the day and the endless possibilities that each day holds. I love the feeling of hitting my pillow at night and know that my subconscious will bring me on different adventures that I couldn’t possibly of even accomplished while awake…and I love Lorraine’s artwork!

  2. Beautiful Dawn — thanks for sharing it and thank you also visiting my blog. I really like your watercolors – they are so vibrant and fresh. And lets keep making art and try to capture a tiny bit of that wonderful beautiful nature. 🙂

  3. What a wonderful post on your terrific new blog! Your photographs are wonderful and really convey the beauty that surrounds you on Mastic Beach. I’m so jealous that you get to wake up to this view every day! I’m not surprised you find so much inspiration for your art.

    I love my father and sister, not only as my family but as my best friends. We have been through so much together, good and bad. My father lives nearby and we have brunch every Saturday to catch up and enjoy each others’ company. My sister moved across the country about one year ago; although it was tough to have her be so far away, we talk and email all the time. Whenever I get off of the phone with either my dad or my sister I always feel good and think of how lucky I am to have them in my life. I don’t want this comment to go on forever, so I won’t detail my love for my friends, my cousins, and many others who have touched my life and warm my heart.

    Congratulations Lorraine! I wish you much success and happiness in your new endeavor!


  4. HI Lorraine- I love your site and your photos! Your work is wonderful- keep it going and I love the concept of Paint with Me!
    We have been meeting at the Phoenix Gallery on the last Thursday of the month for a group creativity night- I’m going to expand on this so you can make it too! We have a great time just talking art, critiquing, and creating. Good luck with the site and the art! chris

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