It’s Saturday and I’m not Working

Watching the Show
Watching the Show



It’s early Saturday morning and I’m comfortable sitting in my favorite chair overlooking the water on Long Island’s south shore. Today I have the luxury of time. My day doesn’t start till late morning so I’m able to relax and let the day arrive in peace and solitude. My husband Bruce is in the mountains of Vermont snowmobiling and having fun with our nephew Antonio and our dog Moose. I’m home this weekend with all the other animals and have lots of plans with friends and family. It’s Saturday and I’m not working in the salon today.

Being a hairdresser and salon owner for over 30 years meant I worked every weekend. My life revolved around my business. I worked hard and took very little time off. I loved my career in the salon and I’ve met the most amazing people through the years, many I can say have become wonderful friends with me. There is a special bond created between a hairdresser and a client. We touch people and that seems to allow you to form an intimate relationship with us immediately. We are a safe harbor to dock your feelings and secrets in. You need to unburden your thoughts and we are available to listen and keep these conversations to ourselves. You see me more often then some of your family and friends. I’m the constant in your life and have been there during your most joyous occasions and for your hardest times too. I make you feel good by helping you look your best. And no matter who you are I want you to feel beautiful and special every time you sit in my chair.

I have changed my live in the past few years and I couldn’t be happier. I sold my salon and now only work two days, no more weekends! I have reinvented myself and now enjoy being an artist. My clients are happy for me and support me in my new art business. They are having fun watching me grow and I know I’ll spend many more years in the salon working, not just because I still love it, but because I love sharing my new life outside the salon with my clients. I would love to see all my clients painting. I would love to see what type of feelings they would display as they put color onto paper. Maybe one day I’ll have a painting party and invite my clients and friends to get together and play with child like abandon. When was the last time you painted like a five year old, not worrying about what you’re making just enjoying the fun of doing it.

It’s Saturday, I don’t have to work so I’ll go into my studio and play. Schedule some play time for yourself today. If I could I’d invite you to my studio and we’d play together. I do wish you could Paint with Me


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on February 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “It’s Saturday and I’m not Working”

  1. Let’s hear it for ‘the luxury of time’!! It takes some adjusting after many years of having every minute of the day spoken for and committed, to be able to take time and comprehend all that is around us. You have done this beautifully my friend. I commend you and applaud you. A smooth and graceful transition into the next phase of your life. I always enjoy your views on the beauty around us, how you have challenged me to birng forth my own creativity, and to see things through the ‘eyes of an artist’. Many of your paintings and photographs have spoken directly to my heart and reminded me of the things I love. I think that is the true function of art, to speak to the heart. Keep up the good work,…I’m listening.

  2. You are truly in love with life……And I admire you……We should all strive for this type of peace in life…….And I do.It was fun painting at the salon with you the other day….. I forgot what is was like to let your emotions out on paper…And the tranquil feeling you have within while doing it……. In this day and age it is so important to have a positive outlet…..something to escape to in a positive light……There is so much fear and uncertainty in life today …..That we should embrace what make us at peace……Thank you my mentor , for being the light at the end of the tunnel….. I hope you know how many lives you have touched in this way ……….

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