Lorraine’s Photography “Reflections in Water”

  My first love came into my life at a very young age and has been with me from the first moment we met.  How my heart would leap whenever I held him. I took him with me to the beach, the park and even on the subway into New York City to hang  out in Central Park or the Village. What fun I had with him at all those parties I went to as a teenager.

   He was with me for all the special moments of my life and I would have been lost without him.  I’m talking about my CAMERA. A gift given to me buy my parents when I was a child. It was called a BROWNIE camrea back then and I loved it.

  Today my heart’s desire is to paint Watercolors. I find total joy in using the medium and spending an afternoon playing in my studio. But I am still to this day never without my camera. I use it almost daily to capture the images I want to paint. My photographs are a collection of the world around me and the beauty it beholds. Today I decided to share some with you, and I hope they bring you into my world as I see it. 

  I would like you to pick your favorite photo and try it paint it using any medium you have available.  I’ll pick one and do the same.  Start your day expressing yourself using colors that bring out your mood. How much fun we’ll have as you  Paint with ME. 


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on February 24, 2009.

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