Painting Together Is Good For The Heart

Sam's Colorful World
Sam’s Colorful World

Fire & Ice
Chris’s Fire & Ice
Dawn By Samantha
Pink Dawn By Samantha


 In New York City
Christopher & Samantha In New York City

 I started this blog with the intention of encouraging everyone and anyone to explore the joy of painting and to share my journey through life as an artist. It has been only a few weeks that I’m busy posting the world as I see and live it.  At this time I’m having fun playing both in my studio and here on the computer. But my desire to have you try your hand at painting grows strong and I will continue to pursue this.

  Last week I had a wonderful day in New York City with my husband Bruce and 2 very special people.  Samantha, my lovable & beautiful niece and Christopher, her handsome  prince charming.  We saw the Broadway show “Avenue Q” and then headed south to Chinatown for some food and shopping. The entire day turned out to be just perfect,  because we  spent it together having fun and laughing. These two young adults have so much life ahead of them.  Sam works hard educating herself so that she can be a successful independent adult. She has tremendous fortitude and will do whatever she wants in life.   I have always loved her as a little girl, now I’m so proud of the woman she is growing into. And together with Chris by her side these two will create a great life, which they deserve.

  They have read my blog and being the extraordinary kids they are, they came to me and ask if they could Paint with Me. I was elated for the opportunity to play in the studio with them. Neither Sam nor Chris has ever painted before, except as children. My goal was to encourage them to paint as if they were children again and just have fun. Once they got started the real fun began. I saw the child like qualities come back into her face as she laughed while painting besides Chris.  They played well together and surprised themselves by creating colorful painting filled with their inner spirit of joy. Look at these paintings and you can see that you don’t need to know how to paint, that knowledge is inside each and every one of us. You just need to allow yourself to let it out and have fun putting color on paper.

  When was the last time you let yourself have some real playtime?  Don’t put off your inner child,  free her/him for a few moments everyday and look  at what you can create.  Start to play today and   Paint with Me.

    ( Dear Sam & Chris,  I thank you & I love you, Aunt Raine)




~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on February 25, 2009.

6 Responses to “Painting Together Is Good For The Heart”

  1. Thanks for advices. They are relly nice. I’m looking forward to read your next posts.

  2. Thanks for spending time at my blog. Send me any type of your art so I can post your colors for all to see.

  3. aunt raine i wanna come paint too….love u

  4. aunt raine the site is looking pretty sweet….im gonna hafta come paint with ya soon…love ya, love BB

  5. the pics look great!! I had so much fun with you and chris that day and I can not WAIT to do it again. you are such a fabulous teacher and you made working with the colors so easy that ANYONE CAN DO IT!!! love you xoxo

  6. Hi Lorraine and WOW, the website is awesome. I love the artwork as well as photos. Reminds me of when we lived on Long Island. Thanks for the memories! Love, Annie
    *I love referrals…..if you are thinking of buying or selling call me first!

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