Daily Visits from Seasonal Friends

This week I welcomed back a pair of Canadian Geese who I’ve befriended through the years. They live locally at the creek down the beach from me and come by daily for a snack & a visit. They’ll sun themselves on the shore almost posing as if they know I’m hurriedly trying to sketch or paint them. Soon they will grow into a family bringing their goslings along with them.  They will protectively watch over them  while allowing me the opportunity to spend my days capturing their beauty in watercolor, photography or any medium I feel like playing with at that moment.

Canadian Friends

Canadian Friends

I never take for granted the amazing place in which I  live in.  I am still in awe of what surrounds me and live as if I only have this moment in time to behold all the wonders of  nature right here on Long Island in my front yard.

Because I am an artist I allow myself the ” Time to Work” sitting with my feet in the sand paint brush in hand, a smile on my face as I watch the geese go about their daily routine of eating and preening. This is a job I truly find joy and peace in. This is something everyone should take a break from the hurried world and sit back, breath in deeply the salt air and with bruch in hand………..Paint with ME


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on March 26, 2009.

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