Mastic Beach Sunrise

Unbelievable but True Colors

Unbelievable but True Colors

I can’t think of  a more beautiful place to start  my day then here on the water in Mastic Beach, New York.  I can bring to mind a dawn in the mountains of Vermont which has it’s own beauty BUT it cannot compare to the sun breaking the horizon over the enormous  expanse of water in front of me daily.  I’m sure you’ve seen sunrises that you’ll never forget while vacationing BUT this happens right here outside  my window and all I have to do in order to enjoy it’s beauty is GET UP EARLY. 

I’ll share as much of it as possible with you by continuously posting photos of the different dawns I enjoy. Today’s show of nature brought with it the most spectacular colors.  I feel that if I painted the sky as I truly see it no one would believe these colors were real!!     

Art is inspired by nature. I will continue to paint unbelievable but true colors.  What will you paint?   Try using these colors of the sunrise and   Paint with Me.


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on March 31, 2009.

One Response to “Mastic Beach Sunrise”

  1. These colors are amazing. Very beautiful!

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