Mastic Beach Shines at Sunrise

My friend told me that I am blessed to live here in this beautiful spot on Long Island and still be so close to New York City.

Each Dawn Brings new Blessings

Each Dawn Brings new Blessings

As the sun breaks through the horizon, shining it’s golden rays of light onto the clouds overhead I think of his words and I know that I am truly blessed.

Today I will paint the sky and know that I’ll never recreate the extraordinary work of art that nature paints. 

I’ll play with colors and shapes.

I’ll have fun and enjoy the hours I’ll spend in my studio.

No matter how gorgeous a job I do working with my watercolors……..Nature will always win the contest creating the most magnificent skies you’ll ever see.

Knowing this will never stop me from the joy I feel while painting. I paint because of what I see in nature. I paint because of what I feel as I view a striking sunrise. I paint because somewhere deep inside of me all the beauty of nature lives and shines. 

Why do you paint?    Why don’t you paint?               Live and feel the colors of the world             Paint with Me


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on April 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Mastic Beach Shines at Sunrise”

  1. Hi Lorraine. Doing research at my new job. thought of you when i saw Islip art museum is doing an open call show (june 2 submissions) entitled MY LONG ISLAND. check out their website xonancynancy

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my Mastic Beach blog. Your work is absolutely beautiful!

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