Easter Bonnet

What fun we had as kids getting ready for Easter Sunday. You see, when I was growing up everyone got dressed up for the holidays especially Easter Sunday.

We would haul the  box out of the top of the closet which contained the accessories we would need to outfit ourselves for the biggest dress up Sunday of all. Each year we would dust off the same old straw hats and rearrange the fake colorful flowers to match our dresses.


Easter Lorraine & Donna

                                                                                                                                                          Me & Donna


Mom would stay home preparing the Holiday dinner while Dad took all his little girls to Easter Sunday Mass.  On the way home we would always stop at the bakery for Jelly Donuts & Crumb Buns.  This was  a Sunday ritual while I was growing up.
Donna & Mom with the Easter Bunny

Donna & Mom with the Easter Bunny

Today I’ll walk down the block to my sister Cindy’s house to celebrate Easter.  We’ll laugh as we talk about all the funny family stories we remember as kids growing up in a large tribe of 6 sisters.

We’ll cry as we look at old photos and feel the loss of loved ones especially my mother &  sister Donna.
And we’ll eat & drink and be together because that’s what holodays are all about, being with the ones you love the most.
Me & My Sisters & Mom
Me & My Sisters & Mom
Maybe I can find my own box of hats and wear an Easter Bonnet  to shade my face as I walk along the water searching for Easter Eggs on my way to Cindy’s house.


I’ll be bringing more then dessert & wine…..I always have my travel bag of watercolor painting supplies along. It’s bright & sunny with new greens showing more & more every day. I’ll sit on the upstairs outdoor deck and  paint.  Find a moment today to  play with colors.  Find a moment today to,

   Paint with ME


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on April 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Easter Bonnet”

  1. Most of your blogs put a smile on my face….today a flood of memories both happy and sad overcame me.What a great picture of Mommy and Donna, and you and Donna dressed as the twins!!!
    Looking forward to seeing you later…I have some group shots of us on Easter can’t wait to show you. Love ya Cindy

  2. I am so glad you’ve been inspired to post some of your family photos! It’s amazing how much you, your sisters, and your mother all looked like each other. And even in the picture of you and your sister in your adorable matching Easter outfits I can see a hint of how you look now. It’s amazing sometimes to look back on our childhood photos, knowing all that’s come between that time and the present. The bitter mixed with the sweet, the happy with the sad, all part of life.

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