My Ending…as beautiful as the Beginning

I LOVE THE SUNRISES.   They are very different from a sunset and have their own kind of beauty.   Sunrises are filled with much cooler colors, containing many shades of violets and purples. 

But I do adore a brillant Sunset too!!


Backyard Sunset
Backyard Sunset

Now that the sun has moved further northwest it sets behind me, dropping from the sky directly behind my Weeping Willow tree.  I can sit in the garden and watch the day fade away in warm golden colors.

Today I painted in my studio for hours, the windows open letting in the spring breeze. I loose myself while playing with my watercolors.  What did you do today to loose yourself in?   What did you do today to make yourself feel alive?  Tomorrow spend some time loosing yourself, come along and                                                   Paint with Me.


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on April 26, 2009.

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