The Sky in Water

I took an early morning walk along the shore and was amazed by the reflection of sky in the still water.

Reflection in Creek

Reflection in Creek


Reflection & Textures

Reflection & Textures

Along the Shore

Along the Shore

How beautiful it is to see the swan gliding along the clouds as they’re reflected in the water.

Swan in Sky

Swan in Sky

As an artist I’m drowning in the beauty around me. I will try to recreate this wonderland is see daily. Can I do it justice? I can only paint and enjoy the experience.

It’s a challenge to try to match the great wonder  of nature. But I will do my best, how about you? Take out those paints and have fun today,   Paint with Me


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on May 14, 2009.

One Response to “The Sky in Water”

  1. Wow Lorraine! They are as lovely as you described. I think my favorite is “Reflection in Creek”, or “Reflections & Textures”. So much creative inspiration, so little time!
    (And my bangs still seem to be behaving 😉

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