Art Show May 17th 2009


Being an artist has many rewards.


 I have joined several art associations and today I entered 2 of

my paintings in the “Wet Paints Studio Group” members

 show. There we about 90 paintings on display from a

very talented group of artists.

Flowering Pots
Flowering Pots


I’m glad I had the opportunity to show this painting to the

 public, it had not been shown before this weekend.


Spirit Moon

Spirit Moon

This painting “Spirit Moon” is new and will be in the upcoming

collection #3 on my web site  very soon.

 I’m excited that my newest

 collection of artwork is  completed and ready for you to see.

I shared the show today with area artist that I have admired 

and aspire to be as talented as. If it’s true that we become like

 the company that we keep, well then I’m hanging with the

artist I want to be as good as.


Mary's Flowers 1

Mary's Flowers 1



Here are the paintings of

  two talented women I’ve

 met through workshops

  and art groups. Each

 class I attend

introduces me to more &

more gifted & fun artists.


Mary Bouzianis
Jeanne  her Boat painting

Jeanne with her Boat painting


Mary’s artwork can be seen at her website.








Jeanne is pictured here with her son Chris, that’s him as a young

 boy in the oil painting.

Jeanne & Chris

Jeanne & Chris

 Although I was disappointed that the show wasn’t judged I was rewarded by showing my art in a show featuring so many

 wonderful paintings, and knowing that mine was deserving of a place among the others.










~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on May 17, 2009.

One Response to “Art Show May 17th 2009”

  1. Hi Lorraine,

    Both the pictures above are amazing. You are quite talented and I am happy you found this outlet for you creative talent. Enjoy your painting and may it bring you much pleasure.

    Fondly, Karen

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