Blue & Red Ribbons

!st Place

1st Place

As an artist I find joy and great pleasure in the process of painting. 

Dipping the brushes into water and color pigments, making shapes  of color on clean white paper is thrilling.


I can bring to life all the images I have on file in my memory vault.  Pictures of people, places, colors and shapes that gave me not just visual beauty but an emotional feeling as well. As I compose a painting I’m thinking of what I want you to see and feel as you view my art.


Over the Memorial Weekend I entered my art into the South Bay Art Associations 52nd annual members exhibition. I am proud to announce that I received a Blue Ribbon for 1st Place and a Red Ribbon for 2nd Place. Being part of this talented group of artists is very rewarding, receiving recognition from this show is humbling.  So many outstanding pieces of artwork on display.  To have mine adorned with ribbons overwhelms me and I am very grateful.

2nd Place

2nd Place


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on May 24, 2009.

6 Responses to “Blue & Red Ribbons”

  1. Congratulations to you! Both awards were well-deserved.

  2. Thanks Jenn, I’m so happy I could FLY! Happy Memorial Weekend.

  3. Wow Lorraine. I have the chills. They are both beautiful. You are so talented. I can picture you smiling from ear to ear. So well deserved.

  4. Congratulations!! Your pictures are awesome, they leave me speechless! Be porud!

  5. Dear Lorraine,
    Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your good news and beautiful paintings. Your fantastic “Spirit Moon” is dramatically eye catching and your “Flowering Pots” captures the essence of spring!

  6. Lorraine – the paintings are beautiful. The one that won first price is exquisite, so ethereal and yet grounded in this wonderful world in which we live – you inspire me. I am so glad we have met and so glad I get to call you and Bruce friends. You go girl!! Thank you as always for sharing.
    Love C.

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