Sketch in the City

Recently I spent 2 days sketching in NYC with a group

of artists lead by a wonderful artist and friend

 Ann Lindsay.  She lined up city locations where we

 spent hours sketching and painting. Being in Central Park

 was my favorite, so many dramatic scenes surrounded

 us and the most interesting people to watch.

Central Park  Water & Skyline

Central Park Water & Skyline

I enjoyed the painting but had a great time

photographing the park.

Hidden in Shadow

Hidden in Shadow

While sitting on the edge of the water painting

we had an Egret stroll by to see what we were doing. 

The sunshine warmed the rocks and a pair of turtles

 joined us for their afternoon siesta.


Not all animals are in the zoo

Not all animals are in the zoo

I’ve been frequenting Central Park since I was a teenager.

 Never once did I ever think of spending the day

 there painting & drawing. Now I look forward to packing

 my art supplies, jumping on the train to NYC

and heading into Central Park to paint.  

If you see me come on over, introduce yourself and  

Paint with Me 




~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on June 15, 2009.

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