Stormy Skies


Silver Waters

Silver Waters

The Storm Is Coming
The Storm Is Coming
Skies over Mastic Beach
Skies over Mastic Beach

 Friday June 26th we experienced an amazing storm.



            The entire day was turned to night                  

                      The wind howled, the thunder roared 

and the lightening flashed overhead.


    The world turned Black & White

           yet the horizon was a sliver of silver

         When the sun began to set the

           sky became alive with fire.  

Fire in the Sky
Fire in the Sky

As you look at these pictures you can see

that my next paintings will be full of cloudy skies.

These photos will make great reference

pictures for painting clouds

 and stormy skies. Try painting one yourself or

make a small sketch using pencil or ink.

Next time you have a rainy day ……Paint with Me


My neighbor, Scott Pasfield, photographed a unique moment showcasing the splendor of nature. During the storm an amazing rainbow, the likes of which I have never witnessed, appeared. You can view these photos at his blog

You have to see these photos










~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on June 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Stormy Skies”

  1. Awesome blog….the photos were great.


  2. Thanks for your comment– I visited your blog, viewed your breathtaking photography and read your poetry. How honored I am to have a man with your talents compliment me, I feel humbled by your poetry and filled with awe by your pictures. Thank you.

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