Day 1…Painting with Lian Quan Zhen


I enjoy attending watercolor workshops and meeting a variety of different artists, each having their own style of painting and teaching.

Today I met an artist from China, a man whose artwork takes my breath away with it’s beauty and excitement.


This is a sampling of the artwork  I did in his class.  He had us learning how to load our brushes with 4 different  colors allowing us to create these colorful flower petals in one stroke. I’m looking forward to tomorrow to see what he has planed for us. 


Flower Petals 4 colors on one brush

                                                                                       Flowers & Leaves


I have 4 days remaining in this workshop and I’ll savor each day and each new technique. My fellow art students are all having a good time and I hope someday you too will     Paint with Me





~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on July 21, 2009.

One Response to “Day 1…Painting with Lian Quan Zhen”

  1. its a really cool trick, nice

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