Day 3 Painting with Lian Quan Zhen

Lorraine & Lian

Lorraine & Lian


The third day started with more techniques to help us finish up the Chinese paintings of the previous day. I completed the above painting of the owl and I learned so much while working on this painting, especially what it’s like to paint on rice paper. It will take on a lot of water & pigment but must be treated with care so as not to tear it.

Jeanne  & her owl painting

Jeanne & her owl painting

We all had quite a feeling of accomplishment seeing our owl paintings. Each artist added their own stlye into their painting, this helps to generates more creative ideas for everyone.
Jeanne & Mary Painting with beautiful smiles

Jeanne & Mary Painting with beautiful smiles

Although we worked hard and painted for 6 hours, we still found time to laugh.
I love the sense of humor these women have, it’s a great tension reliever to laugh out loud with your friends.
Lorraine sketching flopwers

Lorraine sketching flopwers

We moved outside and gathered sketches of the Day Lilies in preparation of the afternoon’s watercolor session.  Back at our workspaces we completed our sketches, finalized our compositions and masked out the areas where we needed to preserve our whites.  Tomorrow the actual watercolor painting begins.

I’m constantly looking for ways to grow and learn not only as an artist but as a friend, a wife and a woman. Painting helps me see the world I live in through an artists eye.  As I expand my art world I simultaneously enrich my personal life.

Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on July 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “Day 3 Painting with Lian Quan Zhen”

  1. I enjoy teaching art just as much as doing the art. The smiles and styles is what it’s all about.

  2. Hi Lorraine, glad to see you enjoying this workshop. thanks for sharing. As I wasn’t able to make the workshop, it’s fun to see what you all are doing. I did make the demo, Lian keeps evolving and I find I always see something new to try. Give Jeanne & and Mary a big Hello from me….Enjoy! Your website is unique….r/ Marianne

  3. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only artist who wears a giant grin on my face while I’m working at creating art. Thanks for the comment.

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