Day 4 Painting with Lian Quan Zhen


Today I painted for 6 hours and I wished the day would never end.  The hours flew by as I laughed along with 25 fellow artists, most of whom I haven’t met before but will remember fondly because of the time we shared painting.

Lian Quan Zhen is an exciting painter creating magic with watercolor pigments, paper, brushes and plain water. He mixes tube paints with water in a small bowl and pours this liquid onto the paper, letting the colors mix & flow together creating new colors.  When you look at the paintings we worked on in class today notice all the bright colors…but, we were ONLY using the 3 primary colors RED, YELLOW & BLUE.




This is not a completed painting, none of the art we did today is finished. There is so much we want to learn from this incredible man and so little time to absorb all the information he wants to give us.





You’ll see each painting  has a  different color palette depending on the type of red, yellow or blue each artist chose. Some reds were more orange than purple therefore when mixed with blue or yellow you will get different results.




It’s hard to believe we  used only 3 colors to create every color you see in these paintings.
Don’t  you  want to try painting with 3 colors and see what colors you create? I’m having fun working magic with paints, don’t you want to     Paint with Me

~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on July 25, 2009.

One Response to “Day 4 Painting with Lian Quan Zhen”

  1. Lorraine…you have the best energy. I am so happy to know you!

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