Vermont in the Summer

My Vermont  Home

My Vermont Home


Nothing is as good as summer on Long Island.

Living on the water allows me to spend countless days with my feet buried in the cool sand right outside my front door.

But spending days in the  lush green mountains of Vermont is a perfect vacation retreat  for me, Bruce and the dogs.

Today I returned from a 6 day trip to Vermont and I had a great time painting outside in the large screened in porch overlooking the beautiful mountains and valleys.


Driveway up to the house

Driveway up to the house

I have been working on a painting of this particular area, the road into the dark woods, the rocks and the apple trees.
  Beginning of Painting

Here’s the early phase of my new VT painting. I like the shapes and their placement, this helps me see the design and balance of the painting. I feel the darks and lights have a good flow within the space.  At this stage in the painting I know where my focal point will be so I add the tree trunks to define that area. ___________________________________________________________ 

Almost complete painting
Almost complete painting


One of the hardest things I find in creating a painting is to KNOW when it is finished. Sometimes I let a painting sit for months before I add a finishing touch,  other times I know exactly the moment it’s done when I put in the last brush stroke.  When I place my signature onto the painting I ‘m telling myself the artwork has been completed to my satisfaction and I no longer need to continue with that piece anymore.  I have not yet signed this painting,  I will add a few more touches of paint, something in the darkest area is still undone.

I’m not sure why I felt this was meant to be a night scene but as the painting progressed I felt I wanted the change of day into night  so I let it happen.

I had a great time playing with this piece of paper and watercolor paints. I used many of the techniques I learned in the previous class with Lian Quan Zhen,  and I feel his style shows in this painting. The summer is half over and before it is I hope you’ll find the time to    Paint with Me






~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on August 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Vermont in the Summer”

  1. Your Vermont painting is beautiful – very calming

  2. Love the tree paintings. Excellent colors, very relaxing. You captured there essence.

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