Painting Betty’s Gardens


Today the ladies of South Bay Art Association met in Bellport at the home of Steve & Betty to paint in their beautiful gardens. The back yard was filled with a large assortment of shade loving plants and tall mature trees which provided the cool shade.  Soft colors were found within the dark silhouettes of the foliage.  But it was the front garden that drew my attention.


The scene & The Beginning of The Painting

The Scene & The Beginning of The Painting


I found the lighting on the arbor, the shape of the bench and the various darks & lights surrounding this scene interesting.  Architectural objects are extremely challenging to me,  I still doubt myself when it comes to my drawing  abilities. But I only paint what I find interesting and I like to confront my fears, so this was the spot I choose to paint.

I had a great time and was surprised by my results.


Planter with Flowers

Planter with Flowers

Close Up of the Arbor

Close Up of the Arbor


Pretty in Purple Painting

Pretty in Purple Painting


I’ll add the finishing touches to this painting, it needs a little more work. I feel that I handled the subject matter well. I do love the cool purple shadows, the multi greens of the foliage and the dark against light of the arbor.


Every artist approaches a painting different, chooses a different focal point, picks their own color palette and ends up with an individual painting, even though we all are in front of the same scene. All the artists painted beautifully today, and we all enjoyed painting together.

Next Tuesday I’ll be outside in a gorgeous location painting another scene,  maybe you would like to join us and

Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on September 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “Painting Betty’s Gardens”

  1. HI Lorraine I sure missed out on a few great dates in the past few weeks- Chautauqua was awesome but I really missed painting with you guys! I tried. but…. its just not the same…. I hope to be able to catch up to you all on Tuesday! chris
    PS your blog entries are inspring!

  2. Hi Lorraine, I love what you painted in Betty’s Gardens, sorry I missed out on a beautiful location. Lorraine, you work is outstanding in color and design, if flows. I missed out on Chautauqua. Will the locations be posted by you or SBAA on the location next week. This is all so new to me. I agree with Chris you blog entries are inspiring!

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