No Such Thing As A Bad Painting


Today I painted on the North Fork of Long Island in wine country.  I met several artist who graciously invited me to join them on Mondays to plein air paint.  We were painting on the property of the owners of Briermere Farms, beautiful acreage with old barns, a huge green house, an old school house and a colorful old farm house.

I had a good time BUT my painting was not up to my expectations, very weak and unexciting.


Riverhead 4 orig______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

So I had a little fun with my Photoshop Program to see what I could do to re-paint it and make it better.  First I checked my composition, by turning it into a black & white, to see if it worked.  It has a great structure to it, good darks and lights. This tells me I can use the sketch again, I just need to paint it with more contrast and a different palette.


Riverhead 4 copy1_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Next I played with various settings to see what I could create and these are the results.


Riverhead 4 copy2 Riverhead 4 copy Ink outline


What do you think of the results?   I was so disappointed in my painting today yet I would be happy to display either of these versions.  I will paint this scene again and use some of the suggestions from the altered photos. Even though I came home with a painting not to my liking, I’m thrilled to see what I need to make this turn into a winner.  I try to believe that there are no bad paintings and today I proved that to myself.  You can paint and enjoy the process, then see what your art can turn into,  just have fun, play like a child with colors and shapes and smile while you

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~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on September 14, 2009.

One Response to “No Such Thing As A Bad Painting”

  1. I’m going to try t his- I had a disappointing day today and maybe Photoshop can help me see what I did wrong.

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