Lighting Creates Color


Walking the beach daily allows me to see the dramatic way the sunlight effects the tall grasses along the shore.


Mid day sun in a partially cloudy sky give these grasses a neutral beige and pale gold color


A late day setting sun turns these grasses into bright yellows which stand out beautifully against the dark waters of the Bay. Look at the long shadows.


The early rising sun sets these grasses a glow, the reflection of the sun off the snow adds to the brightness of the yellows. Also, check out those purple shadows!


In the summer the grasses are a rich green. The lack of sunlight, because the sun has just set, give these grasses a deep uniform color.


A touch of green is starting to show as the new grasses begin to grow in early spring. This is before the sunrise therefore there is not much lighting on the grasses.


With the sun’s rays reflecting on the water, the grasses are dark sillouittes  standing tall along the water’s edge.


There is much to see and the viewing changes daily here on the water. I find so may sights I want to paint, so many colors I want to recreate with my paints.  Living here on Long Islands south shore has changed the way I see the world, so has being as artist.

Find and see the beauty around you.

Paint with Me


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on November 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “Lighting Creates Color”

  1. Great contrasts with the seasons. We are planning to do some beach walking soon in that area as well.

  2. great photos Lorraine— ought to make great paintings! I miss summer plein air! but the weather has been great for this time of year also!
    Thanks for sharing, chris

  3. Yes, Chris I too miss painting outside in different locations, but now we can paint from all the outstanding photographs we have. I better get busy!!

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