Path to the Beach


The waterfront of Mastic Beach is one of the most best hidden beauties on Long Island.  I live steps away from Narrow Bay with a panoramic view overlooking Fire Island. I see a variety of wildlife daily including herds of white-tailed deer, blue herons, red foxes, swans, ducks, hawks and my favorite, ospreys.  All I have to do is walk the few steps down the path to the beach.


Path in front of Cindy's house


A few steps leads me to the open bayfront in front of my sister's house


Cindy's house, as seen from the beach


I’m so lucky to have my family living on the same street only a block away from me.  When I walk along the beach I see her house and I stop by often for a visit and a glass of wine 🙂

Sometimes I’ll paint from her deck where the view is quite different from mine.

I love being surrounded by so much to paint.  I’m sure if you look around you too will find images that can painted.

Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on January 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “Path to the Beach”

  1. The shots of the sunrise are magnificent! What a view. Now I know why your favorite paint color is purple.

  2. Lorraine I have often said Mastic Beach is the best kept secret- unspoiled by commercialized development and all that brings with it- many places “down the Beach” are as they were 30, 50 years ago. I miss the country scenes from when I used to work there, driving up and down the streets every day with the mail– thats the only part of the job I miss- the scenery (well and my co-workers)
    Thanks for sharing- chris

  3. Chris anytime you miss the waterfront come on over!
    I’m glad you appreciate my efforts to bring what I see daily to others.

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