Gallery in Greenport


My plein air artist girlfriends and I share space in the prestigious Fiedler Gallery in Greenport NY.  If you’ve never been to the quaint little village of Greenport, located almost at  the end of Long Island’s north fork, plan a day trip to visit this enjoyable town.


The gallery is located on Main Street in the center of town

Mary & Chris with our artwork in the gallery


While visiting Greenport  please stop in the Fiedler Gallery and take a look at our artwork and sign our guest book, we want to know who stopped by and where you traveled from.  Spend some time walking through the village, then head to one of the many wonderful wineries for an afternoon of wine tasting.


Visit the second floor where my artwork is displayed


A day with art friends is similar to a day of painting. We talk about what we’re working on or what paintings we’re planning to start, we plan where we want to paint when the weather warms up, we make plans to attend upcoming art shows and we discuss where and how we want to show our art.  But the most fun is knowing I’m with women who are talented artists and who are always willing to share their knowledge of techniques and ideas.  They encourage me, support me and laugh with me as we team up together, as artists & friends, and explore the wonderful world of art together.


Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on January 26, 2010.

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  1. Wow aunt raine those are some good pictures you took!

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