More snow at the beach


I’m watching another snow day on the water, one of many we’ve had this season. I don’t have to be anywhere today so I’m not worried about traveling in such bad weather conditions, therefore I can sit back and enjoy the winter show. The bay is my only concern. Usually it’s a placid body of water but today it’s alive with fast-moving waves racing towards the shore. There is no sandy beach, only deep and dark water trying to overpower the remaining ground before it frees it’s self and rushes onto the road.  Nor’easters are the storms that impact me the most. They bring together the worst conditions, high winds from the east pushing more water which creates above normal high tides. I haven’t seen a single car drive by and that’s because the roads surrounding me are all under water, except the one I live on.

If you’re wondering why I live in an area that is threatened  by forces of nature, it’s because I’m addicted to it’s overwhelming beauty and exquisite personality.  We share this environment with a variety of animals and very few people. I encounter small herds of deer daily as I walk my dogs.  At dawn I have seen a pair of red foxes roaming the beach. Each day the swans and other waterfowl arrive waiting for a handful of cracked corn. In the spring they will bring their goslings with them to share this morning treat.  Turkeys and hawks search the wetlands looking for food while the ospreys circle above the water spying on the unsuspecting fish below.

As I watch from the comforts of my home I see images that inspire me to create my watercolor paintings. Tall grasses bending low from the burden of the weight of the heavy snow, dark wooden posts half buried under white snow, these are just a few. But it’s always the dramatic lighting that get the most attention.  Although these photographs are not from this particular snowstorm, but from one we had several weeks ago, I’m sharing these images because of the different lighting.


Back light

As the sun shines behind the grasses they appear dark against the bright water & sky. Shadows fall towards me in pretty colors of blue & purple.


Front light

As the sun shines onto the grasses they are brightly lit and the water & sky appear darker. The shadows are filled with color and they help define the shape of the surrounding land.

Great shapes are created from the shadows


Without lighting the objects lose their drama and appear flattened out. There are no round shapes to define the ground without the light to create shadows. The tiny light that appears on the left side of the small post does catch your eye, showing you how badly the light is needed to give us, the viewer, a focal point in a picture.

Shapes without shadows


Having these reference photos allows me to paint sunshine on a snowy day. I can fill my painting with colorful shadows, bring rays of light into the scene forming shapes and giving interest to what otherwise would be a flat piece of paper. I plan on painting while the winds whips the snow past my front window. I’ll open a bottle of wine and relax with my watercolors as the bay roughs up the shoreline stealing precious sand from my humble little beach. Are you interested in painting? Today is the perfect day to get out your art supplies and have fun.  Stay warm, stay dry, stay happy and

Paint with me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on February 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “More snow at the beach”

  1. Lorraine – The Stillness in the Woods are beautiful – the colors are relaxing and warm.

  2. More Snow at the Beach – is so fresh and clean – I am sick of snow but looking at these really changes my mind

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