Me & My Shadow


I wake up early and see the swans & geese waiting  for me to come out and feed them a breakfast of cracked corn. I keep a supply on hand to keep my feathered friends happy so that they stay around as models for me to sketch. They don’t seem to mind me sitting on the sand next to them while they eat and I draw or photograph them.

Being out very early in the morning I have, what I feel is, the best lighting because of the great shadows. I love dark long shadows and today I noticed my own shadow following me along the beach.


Me & My Shadow


Shadows help show the shape of the land they fall on. Shadows going down show us a lowering slope or drop in the land. Shadows going up create a rise or hillside.  I’m excited by the colors found within a shadowy area. Cool blues & purples liven up these dark shapes.

Micky the nasty cat

In these photos the shadows add the interesting shapes, without them the picture would have no excitement. If I were to paint either picture I would fill the shadows with cool colors, helping them come alive.


Canadian Geese

In the early morning sun long shadows fill the photo,  again adding more interest to an ordinary scene.

Swans & Shadows

Even a short post creates an interesting shadow as it follows the rise of the beach. If I took the same picture at high noon the post would look quite ordinary without its deep dark shadowy image trailing behind it.


These photos have a dramatic effect because of the shadows, without them they would just be a photo you might not take a second look at. Now they can be transformed into a wonderful paintings.


In my eyes, the difference between a good painting and an exciting painting is the contrasting dark and lights that are found within. I try to add this into my paintings to give more drama to my art. If you have an old painting that isn’t pleasing you, try to go extremely dark where the darkest areas are and see how that changes your painting. It may seem scary at first but you might end up being pleasantly surprised by what you see happen. Photograph your painting before you make the changes and compare the two afterwards. Did you add more interest to the painting?  I will take a painting of mine that’s not working and try it myself…..then I’ll show you the results.

Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on April 5, 2010.

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