More Shadows


While in Vermont last weekend I hiked the woods and was again enthralled by the luscious shadows. With the trees still barren of foliage and the sun shining brightly I find myself surrounded by dark  & light patterns. This is what excites me and makes me want to paint. Here are the reference photos I’ll use. Each picture shows the changing shape of the trails, shadows fall and rise with the contours of the earth.


My favorite...I think I'll work on this one next

This last photo was taken while driving home. I'm using it because the shadows allow you to see the flatness of the road


Without shadows these photos would be nice but ordinary. The shadows add excitement, movement, drama and help create a mood. You can feel the ground change shape, you can feel the sunlight streaming down. Adding feeling into a painting is a challenge but if I don’t get the viewer to feel something as they look at my paintings then I might as well just capture a scene with my camera. Now that’s not a bad thing, I would prefer to play with my watercolor paints instead.

Please feel free to use these photos as reference to create your own painting, I’d like to see your interpretation

Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on April 14, 2010.

6 Responses to “More Shadows”

  1. Beautiful shots !!! I love shadows !!! This looks so peaceful 🙂

  2. Thank you… nature offers me a never ending array of beauty, my gift is being able to see it. I visited your blog and know you have the same gift, an eye to see the beauty in all objects.
    (shadows are my weakness and they are what give strength to my paintings) 🙂

  3. Great photos, Lorraine! I love the one you chose to paint. Before I even saw your caption I was thinking it would make a beautiful painting.

  4. Hi Lorraine
    Thank you for visiting my blog. And oh yes, can’t wait to resume plein air. The day at the Gazebo was great fun. I love your latest photo and can’t wait to see your next painting.


  5. Hi Lorraine- your first photo of the winding road reminds me of “Road to Wertheim” a watercolor by my friend Br Gerard Cormier. I don’t know if you got to see his retrospective last year but I think he is planning another one soon….
    anyway I’ve learned a lot from the two of you! 🙂

  6. Hi Chris, Thanks for the comments and for always supporting me and my art/blog. I did see his show and I enjoyed his art very much. I thought he painted in watercolor and was surprised to find out he works in acrylics. Great artist!

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