Trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art


I paint on Tuesday mornings with a wonderful group of talented artists. The man who leaders this workshop is a terrific help to us all and a funny, charming and amazing artist. He plans trips for us to various places. This week we went on a bus trip to New York City to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and then to the Salmagundi Club where the American Watercolor Society is displaying their annual show.


A beautiful day in NYC. Can you find me in this crowd?


My friends and I spent several hours viewing the exquisite art hanging in this museum. It would take several trips to this place before you could absorb the enormity of what is contained within its walls.


My friends standing in front of “Joan” one of my favorite paintings.
Medieval display of Knights & Horses
This group of school children were not complaining about being in a museum, they were given paper and sat sketching the sculpture.
“The Horse Fair” by Rosa Bonheur


This last painting was my favorite painting. It is quite large and extremely impressive.  It has become one of the MET’s best known works of art. The artist, Rosa Bonheur, began work on the Horse Fair in 1852. For a year and a half she made sketches twice a week at the horse market in Paris, dressing as a man in order to attract less attention from the dealers and buyers.


The afternoon was spent at the Salmagundi Club where we had lunch and saw the 143rd international exhibition of the American Watercolor Society. This show was filled with a variety of well known artists from all over the world. These paintings ranged from portraits to landscapes, some I loved others disappointed me. But overall the show was beautiful. I have submitted my art for entry into this show for 2 years and have been rejected both times. I never feel bad about this, it only make me try harder for next year.


Back on the bus headed home we all had laughs as we shared the days events with each other.


Jeanne & Chris

Laura, Bruce, Chris & Jeanne wonderful artists and fun friends
The man who made this day happen, Bruce Testa

Thanks to Bruce we all had a great trip to NYC.

I love painting with my friends. Today I visited the paintings of some of the worlds best artists.

I will get back into my studio and play with my paints knowing that I may never be a well known artist but I know how painting makes me feel and that’s a great feeling to have. Painting makes me feel great, How does it make you feel?

Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on April 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “Trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art”

  1. fantastic artwork.
    it looks like an enjoyable visit

  2. It was a great trip, really enjoyed it and the company!

  3. I’m jealous–it looks like you all had such a great day!

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