Painting at Horton Point Lighthouse

I attended a plein air workshop with an extremely talented artist, Michael Killelea at the stunningly picturesque Horton Point Lighthouse in Southold NY.

Michael demonstrated his approach to choosing a subject, setting up your supplies and how he captures the images fast using very little sketching and mostly painting. He helped each of us with our paintings, giving us all good suggestions and advice.

I had a fun time and would like to go back on another day with my friend to paint some of the images I photographed. These pictures were some of the more interesting spots I thought I would like to paint.

Each time I head outside to paint I learn more about the entire plein air process. For instance, your set up must be EASY & FAST. If you lug around too much stuff and take too long to set up you may miss the perfect lighting.  Also you must not try to paint the entire view. Pick out one part of the scene and use that to describe what you want to express as an artist. Look at the pictures above and see the same scene shown with 2 different focal points. You, the artist, can decide what you want within your painting.

Most of all, have fun and enjoy the hours you spend outside on a beautiful day with the birds singing around you, while you play with paints.


Paint with Me


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on June 3, 2010.

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