Family + Painting = Goodtimes


What do you do when you spend time hanging out with the family?  After we cooled off down on the breezy bay, riding the jet-ski, enjoying the sunshine, I set up the table for some leisure playtime doing what I love, painting. And, to be able to share this fun with my family is just pure pleasure.

Christopher & Samantha are working hard at playing

These 2  always enjoy spending time playing with watercolor. They delight in the process and savor this departure from their busy scheduled lives.These are their completed pieces of art.



Cindy & Lexi

The fireworks were too much for this little dog to handle so she needed a hiding nest to feel safe from all the noise outside.


Cindy painted with her sleeping in one arm, yet stilled managed to create a bright & lively painting. This was the beginning of her painting.

And this is the finished piece. I think she did admirable considering this was her first attempt at working with watercolors.



I have been trying to find the time to paint with my nephew, Patrick and I was thrilled that we finally managed to play together. He created an enchanting  piece of art and  truly enjoying the painting process.

There is pleasure in that smile

First step


My painting – first step


Painting has brought me so much freedom from the stress of life. I spend many hours playing hooky from my chores and obligations, off in a world emblazoned with color. To have the people I love most sharing this activity with me is pure happiness & bliss.  Whatever you do with your family members make sure it’s time well spent. Everyone knows that life is too short. Throw out your ill feelings towards others and embrace the feeling of happiness & peace knowing that the ones you love are close by. Take the time to do something fun together, play a game, ride a bike, go to the beach or take a walk. I’m so blessed to be able to paint with my family.


Paint with Me

Happy 4th of July



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on July 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “Family + Painting = Goodtimes”

  1. These paintings are absolutely beautiful. What a creative family!!! I love doing this type of activity with my grandsons. As a matter of fact I may try this exercise with them…every one of your family’s paintings is wonderful.

  2. Thanks Linda.
    Painting is a great way to “play” with the family. I try to make it simple & fun, and see what they create, especially the ones who have never painted before. Have fun with your grandsons and paint new memories with them 🙂

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