Adding Figures to My Art


I never depicted people in my artwork because I wasn’t knowledgeable in how to paint them, therefore I stayed away from them.

I know that if I believe I can’t do something then I will not be able to do that which I think I can’t do.  So I decided that since I want to portray figures in my art that I will practice drawing configurations until I am no longer intimidated by them.

I researched and photographed people keeping the shapes simple silhouettes. These are a few photos I used as reference


child silhouette walking on beach
Child silhouette shelling on beach
child & adult playing in water


The outlines of these figures are clearly defined and lines that I know I can follow. I took my time drawing, studying and training my eye to create proportioned figures. Here are some of my practice drawings.





I had a fun time working on these figures and I’m contemplating using children in my next series.  I started slow by first tracing the shapes so I could familiarize myself with the appearance and symmetry of the forms.  After awhile I was drawing them with my watercolor paint & brush, no sketching them out first with a pencil.

Growth is good for us and I’m happy I pushed myself into experiencing something new in art. It’s your turn to learn something new, like painting.  It’s a great way to relax and spend time playing with color & shapes.


Paint with Me




~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on July 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “Adding Figures to My Art”

  1. These are lovely and soft and filled with a multitude of light.

  2. Nice job on the figures, Lorraine- I am also a little intimidated by figures, I’d rather add and animal….. you are right, we have to jump in and conquer these things- kudos to you!

  3. i think the dark island with the band of sunlite is great

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