My Frustration with Figures


I’ve been practicing painting figures and truthfully I enjoyed it and felt I was doing good. I luxuriated in the colors & shapes I used to create the simple shapes of people. Then it came time to add them to a beach scene. I did a few practice pieces, 2 value studies that I love.

But I felt disillusioned by my results when I attempted the paintings. Although they look pleasant after I scanned them into the computer, I m not satisfied and I will have to continue working on these if I want to use this scene on my web site as the August special.


The island is dark with a band of sunlight above it.

Light is shinning on the island with a dark sky above.


I even thought I might like the scene better if I enlarged the girl and made her the entire painting. I’m still not delighted.


Tomorrow  I will work on the girl in water painting and attempt to achieve satisfaction with this sweet little scene. Although I spent the entire day painting and not liking the results, I loved the fun I had being in my studio, overlooking my gardens and watching a huge lightening & thunderstorm pounding on the glass roof above me. A bad day of painting is still a great day of fun.


Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on July 19, 2010.

4 Responses to “My Frustration with Figures”

  1. Well Lorraine, at least you are continuing to challenge yourself creatively, and persevering. I see a lot of promise in these new compositions, and I enjoy following your progress here! A bad day of anything you enjoy is still a great day.

  2. Hi! Lorraine, good to see you playing with this….my immediate response is to fold the paper on the first value sketch( it has reallly good bones) to bring the horizon down to the line above the girl’s hair…this will unite your focal point and put the little one in her world. You vantage point is looking down, folding the sketch will have you looking across. ariel background and more detail in foreground will hlp youapture this contented an peceful momnt. hope this helps…R/Mrianne

  3. I love the fourth from the top, Lorraine. The long dark shadow behind her creates a mood. The colors are beautiful.

  4. Thanks for all the great advice and encouragement….Leslie, I wanted the girl to be isolated yet illuminated by a glow of sunlight, so glad you felt the mood I was trying to create. Marianne, I will take your advice and lower the horizon line, I needed a new set of eyes to give me a direction to go.
    You have heard the saying “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over again and expecting different results” well I have been feeling a little insane about this painting and I was going to put it away for a while. Because of everyone’s help I will continue with this….working towards better results

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