Battling Brushes


The Village of Bellport celebrated its 100th Anniversary this weekend and the Brookhaven Arts & Humanitarian Council held several art events to help commemorate the occasion.

I entered the “Battling Brushes” event. Artists signed in at 8am on Sat morning and had their canvases stamped, to provide authenticity of their artwork, and then we had 3 hours to complete an entire painting. All work had to be done plein air within the Village of Bellport. At noon all art was handed in & checked for the stamp mark on back. Our art was set on easels & displayed on the sidewalk outside the Phoenix Gallery and a juror announced the winners.

The 1st place went to one of Long Islands most talented & famous plein air artists Larry Johnson. He works in oil and you can see his outstanding art by visiting his website.

I received 2nd place for my watercolor painting. I’ve never been so excited to come in second behind such a great artist like Larry. I picked a scene that was totally surprising to me, one that had boats in it. Considering I never paint boats I was drawn to the composition, lighting and the fact that I wanted to paint water & beach grasses.



As intimidated as I was to paint boats I even added the little sail boat when it arrived on the shore. This was an event that I didn’t realize how much fun I would have participating in, I so glad I did. Hopefully next year they will offer this challenge again and more artists will attend.

It was a weather perfect day and met so many nice & friendly people while I sat there painting. If you stopped by to say hello & see what I was painting I thank you for making me feel welcome in your waterfront village.


Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on August 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “Battling Brushes”

  1. Great Job!
    See You Soon!

  2. Congra‚Ćulations Lorraine! Nice job on that scene! It WAS a perfect day to paint and I’m sorry I missed it… I know, I was supposed to be there but… things happen,
    Glad you were able to attend and paint and wow you got 2nd! awesome!

  3. congratulations on your 2nd place = painting was beautiful
    and I did spot the man by the boat – great

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