Painting Plein Air with P.A.L.S.


Most people feel that the summer is over when Labor Day passes & the children are back in school. I never felt that way, maybe because I’m not on a school schedule, but I know summer isn’t over till it’s too cold to sit on the beach in flip-flops. Today I met the artists from the P.A.L.S. group at the Bayview Avenue Beach in Patchogue NY. The sun was shinning, the wind was blowing & the water was sparkling.



The view I chose was a dramatic stretch of beach with these wooden posts, half buried, which washed ashore after the recent close call we had on Long Island as hurricane Earl passed us out at sea. I liked the shapes & shadows of the wood along with the pier structure in the distance. I did several practice paintings and a pencil sketch.


Pencil Sketch – Laying in the shapes & darks


1st Study – plein air at the beach


Reference Photo


Close up study – done in studio


Many time I hear artists say “I don’t know what to paint”.

My problem is I see everything as a potential painting. This one view, looking down the long stretch of beach, has several wonderful paintings within it. I will play around with this until I’m happy with a painting capturing what I felt while sitting in the sun with my feet in the sand.


Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on September 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Painting Plein Air with P.A.L.S.”

  1. A great start to a lovely composition. I hope you didn’t suffer too much from Earl! We barely got three drops of rain, though it was very windy and the skies were black. Happy late summer to you 🙂

  2. today was a great day at the beach! it was great to see so many artists there, and especially the new gal who happened to live right there and came out to investigate, and join us! Hope to see her again at one of our outings!

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