Art Is In My Blood


My mom raised 6 daughters and her escape was her art. She would attend workshops & classes where she could depart from her daily agenda of mothering & referring a house full of prepubescent girls. She attained friendships & found peace in her painting. I didn’t pay much attention to her art, I had my own interests & they mostly included all the usual teenage trouble I could get involved in.

My desire to paint started many year ago but I was too busy with work & life in general to start a new “hobby”.ย  Being a hairdresser allowed me to be creative and design beautiful shapes & colors with hair. I always felt that one day I would find the time to paint.ย  My mom died years before I ever held a paint brush.

I am having a great adventure being an artist. Three years ago I started entering art shows on Long Island through various art associations.

Oct 29th I received a 1st place ribbon in the 14th Annual Art show sponsored by the Town of Brookhaven for my watercolor titled “Winter Sunrise”



Oct 31st I won an Honorable mention ribbon at the Wet Paints Studio Group’s 61st Annual Membership Exhibit for my watercolor painting “Sunflower Nova”

My second entry “Snowy Road” didn’t place in the show but I was proud to have it hanging along side all the top-notch paintings.


I know my mom would have been delighted to see me paint and share with me her love of art. I recently came across this picture and I was thrilled to have a photo of her accepting a ribbon in a show for one of her paintings.


If you have the desire to express yourself in any art form don’t put it off.

Life flies by so fast, make the time to indulge yourself in something that fires up a passion in you.

Today’s a gift that’s why it’s called the “present”


Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on November 1, 2010.

9 Responses to “Art Is In My Blood”

  1. What a lovely post! Congratulations on even more well-deserved awards for your works. I’m sure your mother would be very proud to know that you’re painting, as she did so long ago ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. congrats on your rewards you deserve them, for your paintings are beutiful and represent who you really are, a caring individual of all that is natural. Your mom would be so proud.

  3. We are all so proud of you and love that you found a passion here. Gran sure did plant a seed of her love and talent with a paint brush, which happen to harvest in due time. It’s funny how God will surface talents we never knew we had, when the season happens to be right. I’m sure that you’ve also used your little house in the back to escape much of life’s trials and tribulations. Congrats on your ribbons, I love you!


  5. Thanks Peggy

  6. I love you too Patrick….thanks for your thoughtful words

  7. Thanks Olivera. You also are a caring woman, Bruce & I appreciated your kindness during his illness. Thank goodness he’s back to his regular self ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I remember that animal print coat Mommy wore. Knowing her she probably sewed it herself. The picture of her accepting the award is priceless. I believe the picture she painted was done on the night Martin Luther King was killed. She talked about the models reaction as he heard the news…I think she was painting in a high school in Queens that evening. She used to take art classes with nude models.She would take us with her sometimes and we would do homework in the back of the classroom. She only took us on the evenings there were females posing. We were too young to be exposed to the male models ๐Ÿ™‚ She was definately a “cool” Mom. Miss her. Could have used some Motherly love this past year.What I thought about the most was the fact Mommy didn’t have to experience the pain of Donna’s passing. She was there to welcome her.
    Lorraine she is so proud of the artist you’ve become!
    Love you, Cindy

  9. Cindy
    I was surprised to have a picture of Mom that you hadn’t already seen ๐Ÿ™‚
    You gave me so much information about this old photo, especially remembering that she painted it on the day Martin Luther King was killed.
    I also remember going to Forest Hills High School with her when she had figure drawing classes and sitting out in the hall doing my homework. They taped paper over the windows in the doors but I tried so hard to get a sneak peek into that room and see the nude male models! Good memories of a “cool” Mom.
    She may not have been here when Donna died but she suffered because of Donna’s “illness” for many, many years. I miss her & Donna.
    Thanks for your kind words, your love & friendship
    I Love you too, Lorraine

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