Painting Hoilday Cards With Family & Friends


Creating the artwork is the best part of making your own cards. I spent an evening with my niece, Samantha and her boyfriend, Christopher.  We gathered around my sister’s large family table, spread out all the watercolor art supplies and I came up with a plan as to what we were going to do. But first we mixed delicious martinis of “whipped cream vodka” to get us in a festive mood.

This was how we started. We laid down a graded blue wash darkest at the top faded to a clear at the bottom.  Next, using a darker color we added a distant tree line blending the color upwards with clear water. These are a few practice paintings we did on scrap paper. They varied in size but none were larger than 3″ x 4″.

Lorraine's practice painting

Chris' practice painting

Sam's practice painting


These little pieces helped us warm up and understand where we are headed as we continue  painting.  Never do you want to feel that what you are painting is serious or important, if you do, you will not enjoy the painting process because you will be too worried about the art you are trying to create. Relax and breathe. Enjoy yourself and the people you are sharing your time with. Laugh & have fun.


We all try another painting working a little larger but still starting with a wash & adding a distant tree line when dry. A suggestion of a road is painted using the palest hint of color. When the painting is dry we added a splatter of snow using white gouache.



Samantha's Card



Chris' Card


Lorraine's Card


The next step is to scan the images into the computer, crop them to the desired size and save them as a jpeg file. I can choose to print them using my printer & card stock. I can put the images on a jump drive & bring them to my local office supply store, like Staples or neighborhood printer.  Or, I can upload them to a printing company online like Vista Prints or Shutterfly.You can even have the inside of your card imprinted with a personal holiday greeting.

All of the above companies will provide you with help if needed.

Start your painting projects now and order your cards early so you’ll have lots of time to send them to all your family & friends.

Everyone will be surprised & delighted when they see your signature below the art on the front of the card they receive this holiday season.

Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on November 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Painting Hoilday Cards With Family & Friends”

  1. Everyone’s work looks so beautiful! I almost like the studies a bit more than the finished paintings… the muted colors and only hints of landscape are so subtle and peaceful.

  2. Thanks Jenn. This was so much fun. I think my sister is going to use Sam’s painting as this year’s Christmas card.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day 🙂

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