There’s more to life than Payne’s Gray


Using gray pigment from of a tube of store-bought paint works for many artists. I prefer mixing my own grays which I feel have a colorful life hidden within. These are a few of the gray mixtures I use.



The 1st mixture is a combination of blue & orange

The 2nd mixture is a combination of purple & yellow

The 3rd is a mixture of green & red

Each of these combinations can be mixed to create a deep dark gray or the palest gray wash.  I can make a  blue-gray by increasing the amount of blue I add to the mixture.  The mixture can be a gray filled with purple, violet, green or rose by the  combination of  colors I choose.




These are quick color sketches using several combinations of gray mixtures. The next time you sit down to paint take a few minutes to discover the wonderful grays you can achieve using colors you already enjoy. With all the choices I have to create my own grays I find little use for Payne’s Gray on my palette.


Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on February 7, 2011.

One Response to “There’s more to life than Payne’s Gray”

  1. Simply beautiful! Amazing that complimentary colors can blend into wonderfully complex shades of gray.

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