Beautiful Beginnings


In all things in life there is a beginning and an end. It’s the same in painting. Everyone must start somewhere and usually that’s right at the beginning stage of learning how to paint.

As an artist I am excited when I sit down to start a painting. I find it thrilling to take a clean white piece of paper and through the use of colorful paints,  create images that bring my inner happiness out to share with others.  One of my biggest joys is to spend time with my niece, Samantha, and play with watercolor paints. I gently guiding her and allow her to experience the wonderful effect painting has on one’s soul.

Starting with a colorful wash that’s completely dry, Samantha negative painted the outline of flower shapes.  After drying the wet paper she continues to add more flower shapes underneath the original flowers being careful not to paint over any previous flowers.  By doing this she creates a look of various layers of flowers.



In this next painting she created much more excitement by pouring & blowing the paints onto the paper. Then she picked out dramatic shapes that feel organic.  Next she negative painted 2 layers creating 2 flower shapes. She is not finished with her painting but you can see how interesting and intriguing the start of this painting is.



I started this painting while working alongside Samantha and it’s at the beginning stage. Using 3 colors, pink, coral & yellow, I poured them onto the paper and then blew them out toward the edges to create runs & lines, I allowed them to blend with each other to form a mixture of new colors.  I applied 1 glaze to create the first flower shape. I think this is going to be a sensational painting and I’ll continue to share the progress I make as I get further along.



Can you see the stimulating fabrication the technique I used created? Already I see many different ways I would negative paint to bring the flower petals to life.

I will be spending many hours working this painting and I’ll enjoy every minute of it.


Paint with Me









~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on February 11, 2011.

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