Watercolor Painting – Start to Finish


I have been playing with various flower shapes in my most recent watercolor paintings and it’s enjoyable to see the progress I achieve as I work through each new  painting.

First I  start by creating a colorful wash of mingled colors & shapes. At this stage I am not trying to be too literal with the subject matter. Instead I am underpainting a very loose rendition  of what I am projecting the configuration of the painting will be.



The next stage of the painting is where I begin to add defined shapes & edges to bring the subject matter into focus. I negative paint a darker color around the flower to describe the boundary of the petals. Within the flower I use small negative shapes to show the framework of the petals & how they overlap each other.

I also added more color to the body of the cactus plant to exemplify its structure.



At the final stage of the painting I decide I need to push the plant forward so it pops off the paper and does not look too flat. I choose a bright purple to compliment the greens & yellows.  I feel this color will give me the effect I’m looking for.  It brings the flowers up to the surface of the painting making them the center of interest.



I will mat & display this painting in my studio and live with it for a while.  As time goes by I will make the final choice that all artists must make eventually. The final decision to KNOW that the painting is completed.


Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on May 15, 2011.

3 Responses to “Watercolor Painting – Start to Finish”

  1. I could live with this on my wall for awhile 🙂 Looks good to me. I don’t like to grow cactus in my gardens but love those beautiful yellow flowers that bloom in your garden.

  2. Find me a space on your walls and I’ll hang something new in your home 🙂


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