Frank Francese Workshop Part 1


Every spring I pack my art supplies and head to a week-long workshop with my friend Karin. I just returned from an exciting program with the unbelievably talented artist Frank Francese. His paintings are filled with drama & energy because of the way he approaches a painting and the way he makes the white of the paper a major focal point.

He does not ever draw on the watercolor paper. He negative paints the shapes into the painting. This was a huge challenge for all the artists in the class. I love negative painting but not being able to outline my subject was difficult. Also we painted several scenes containing buildings which were strenuous for me because I’m not proficient in drawing.

Here’s a sample of the work from his class.



I had to cut out the shapes of the palm trees & buildings while painting the sky.



I’m working through this painting by adding color and  more negative shapes, always keeping an eye on my whites.


Frank pushed us and worked us hard but our time was well spent because he was organized and wanted us to succeed while learning a new approach to painting.


Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on June 15, 2011.

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