Painting like a Child


How would you like to paint with total abandonment?

How would you like to relinquish all fear of being criticized and paint with the freedom of a child?

Children don’t know that they’re not good at painting until someone tells them by evaluating & judging the way they apply color onto paper.




While I was vacationing in Vermont friends stopped by with their sons who immediately became interested when they saw my table filled with all my painting supplies. Instead of telling them to not touch anything I set them up with paper, brushes & paint and allowed them to have a little fun.




I never told them what they should not do. I just let them do what they felt like doing. I watched them as they played, their faces showing the amount of concentration they had on their paintings. They are very young children, they haven’t been told that they are doing it all wrong. Eventually they will be reprimanded & chided for the way they paint, someone will tell them that they are doing it incorrectly.

I felt they were doing a great job of having fun & playing. I have always believed that art must be fun or why would I want to paint. I want to surrender my feelings of fear or failure and paint like a child. Let the real world fade away and allow the pleasure of creating art overwhelm me.


Steve & Jacob's paintings


Even though these were painted by children they contain all the elements of a well composed paintings. These painting are all about color, shape, movement, contrast & line.



The boys left my house riding on the back of their Dad’s quad smiling & waving their beautiful paintings. I was left with the feeling of excitement and the impulse to start painting like a child. I wish everyone a day to express themselves like a child. Go and have fun and see what you create.


Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on August 5, 2011.

6 Responses to “Painting like a Child”

  1. How nice for kids to be able to create whatever they want, without grownups telling them what not to do! I love their artworks, especially Jacob’s–something about the bold strokes and color choices is really wonderful.

  2. No one should be creatively confined. To live in fear of criticism from others is so wrong. At my age, 66, and still struggling to free myself of the need to please is a horrible life to live. Teacher! Leave them kids alone!

  3. Well said! Let your creative child shine.

  4. Thank you so much for this post!

  5. Whoops, hit enter before I was done! Thank you for this post, I will share it on my blog, as part of my Facebook group I call “Blocked Artistries”

  6. Read your blog & loved it. Thanks for including me.

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