Vermont Fall Foliage Studio Tour


Over 143 artists & craftmakers opened their studios this past weekend for this first  Vermont Foliage Studio Tour. The artists featured during the two-day event included jewelers, printmakers, potters, weavers, glass blowers, painter,s sculptors and wood carvers. This event was free & anyone could visit with artists and experience their working life.


A detailed map & yellow signs lead the way making it was easy to find the individual studios.



Joan Curtis’ studio felt warm and friendly on a very dreary afternoon.



Joan Curtis made me feel very comfortable in her studio and shared with me her collection of art & sculpture.



Warren Kimble

I visited Warren Kimble in his newest location located in the middle of Brandon. The front half of his storefront is a charming gallery filled with his beautiful folk art and his latest collection of original paintings. I was fascinated by his current artwork and he was happy to share with me some of the techniques he’s using to create these unique paintings.

The back half of the building is his working studio and anyone who stops in can see this master artist as he composes his paintings. Warren currently has a young artist, from NJ staying in Brandon and painting in his studio. Elena Curcio, his protegé, is a college student who decided after visiting Brandon and meeting Warren that her painting abilities would develop and blossom under the guidance of her new-found mentor. As I watched Elena painting I saw a very talented artist working and developing a lovely oil painting. She has exceptional command of the medium and a desire to continue her education in the arts by living her life as an artist. Warren is also benefiting from this union. He has the opportunity to share his knowledge and the joy of watching Elena grow.


Elena Curcio


Next I visited “The Granary” an old building in Brandon that has been converted into individual artist studios. While chilling rain fell, I stayed warm & dry as I traveled through each studio meeting the artists and enjoying their hospitality.


Patty Sgrecci

 Patty Sgrecci was working on her amazing mobiles & kinetic sculptures. Light & color bounced off the walls. Even her rug is a fun piece of art.


Linda Durkee

Linda Durkee‘s studio was filled with colorful paintings & collages.


Jackie Foley

Jackie Foley’s studio felt like home mostly because of her warm smile. Her collection of art impressed me. She has many unique styles of painting yet each piece feels so fresh & new.


Patt Cavanagh

Patt Cavanagh divided her studio into part gallery & part workspace. Her collection of rock paintings was wonderful.


Don Ross

The photography of Don Ross totally blew me away. His photos were captivating & enchanting. He also specializes in fine art reproductions.


Linda K Evans

 Linda Evans had a distant approach to her art. Because of her love of Greyhounds, Linda has devoted an entire collection of paintings to her “Hidden Hounds” series. Numerous greyhounds are hidden within the paintings. Very clever & fun to find the dogs painted into her artwork.

Linda also creates art using her cell phone. Yes, she actually uses a drawing program and paints the art right on her phone.


Jill Listzwan

Jill Listzwan designs whimsical jewelry combining a variety of material including pearls, watch parts, seed pearls, jewels, feathers and ribbons. These items gently melted within a colorful plastic form vivid characters with unique expressions._______________________________________________________Judith Reilly

Judith Reilly is one of the most accomplished quiltmakers I have ever seen. Her art is refreshing and full of delightful colors & shapes. Visiting her studio, in her 200-year-old house was one of the highlights of my day.


I did not plan on spending an entire day visiting artist studios while I was in Vermont for the weekend. But when I read about this event taking place while I was in town I knew I had to take this opportunity to meet the people who have created the artwork I’ve admired every time I stopped by the Brandon Artist Guild.

At every studio I entered I was greeted by a friendly person who wanted to share their love for art with me. It made me think of my experience working in a communal studio back home in NY. Being around creative & vibrant artists is like taking a shot of energy, it stimulates and inspires me to want to immerse myself in the joy I have for painting.

I want you to be able to see the varitey of artwork I had the pleasure of seeing during my day. I have added a link to each artist so you can visit their art on-line. Please take the time and enjoy a visual trip into the galleries of these innovative artists. I promise you it will be worth the time and cost you nothing.


Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on October 6, 2011.

7 Responses to “Vermont Fall Foliage Studio Tour”

  1. Thanks for the tour, the pictures, and your personal impressions. So good of you to create this blog for the open studio events. I live in Atlanta in the winter, but spent August in Rutland and Brandon, and a month painting in a studio at the Granary. Great to see the artists’ work who I met there.

  2. Wow Lorraine that sounds like a great tour! Thanks for sharing it with us! I love the whole idea of the tour and it seemed very well organized! Too bad our fellow artists down here are sooo spread out! But Iloved looking at the different studios and artwork. Your captions brought it all together- great job! thanks again chris

  3. What a wonderfully inspiring and warm way to spend a rainy day in Vermont… Thank you for sharing your tour with us in so much detail!

  4. I’m so happy that you enjoyed taking a vitural trip to visit the Brandon artists 🙂

  5. This Blog is great, I will definately check it out again.

  6. Please remove the section about me. Thanks Patt Cavanagh

  7. Done

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