Simple Painting = Huge Relaxation


Whenever friends come to visit I always ask if they would like to paint with me. Everyone says “sure but I don’t know how to paint”. I offer them a project that I know will net them good results & be enjoyable for all.


Eileen painting while Porsha watches


The project always starts with having them choose a few colors. I ask them to sample 2 different blues, reds & yellows and ask them to pick their favorites. I have them mix a few secondary colors to allow them to see what colors their choice will create.

Next I have them wet the paper and drip, splatter, pour or brush the paint onto the paper.


Eileen added color by dripping & brushing the paint.


Using a pencil I have them draw tree shapes so they can paint the negative shapes to form the trunks & branches.


Eileen's first & second layer of trees.


When completely dry more tree shape are outlined and the negative shapes are painting again using a darker color.


Eileen's completed painting


The idea of this project is to have my friends relax & enjoy themselves. I make sure they have fun and feel good about their experience playing with watercolors. They are usually pleasantly surprised by their finished painting, I am not. I have done this with many of my friends and every time I am thrilled by their reaction to their artwork.


Lorraine's Painting


I paint along with them and we laugh & talk & drink the entire visit. I truly relish the time I paint with each of my friends.


Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on November 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “Simple Painting = Huge Relaxation”

  1. I’m going to try this at home! I love what you do and I’ve seen some of the student work, it really is awesome too! funny that I can do this in batik but when it comes to watercolor I sit there dumbfounded! will try again! thanks for the inspiration Lorraine!

  2. Please spend an afternoon at the studio painting with me….watercolors of course!

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