Paint Tube Organizer

I love painting with lots of fresh watercolor paint. I get a rush every time I squeeze pigment out of the tube and pile it on my palette. Many times when I’m painting and I’m running low on a color I have to stop working, get out my box of paints and rummage through looking for the color I need. This take time and I usually don’t want to stop what I’m doing to find that one tube I need.

I read in a book that the best way to store paint for easy usage was to lay it out on a flat tray so you could see all the tubes at a glance. I tried this and it did help me see what I needed and enabled me to grab colors fast. BUT, if you’re like me and you have several paintings going at the same time you know that flat surfaces on your work space are premium real estate in the studio. I felt that the tray was always in the way of where I wanted to lay my wet paintings down. I did like the idea of having all my paints where I could see them & grab them as needed.


I had just purchased a jewelry organizer to hang in my closet but when I got it home I immediately thought it would work well to store my paint tubes. Off to the studio it went.


I filled it with all my paint and it works perfectly. I can read all the names of the colors & see what I’m looking for instantly.



I can fit dozens of tubes into the pockets and arrange them in groups of colors, different brands or however I prefer.



I hung it on the wall above my most used workspace and now I have all my paints within my reach at all times without having to constantly search for the them. They are coordinated & positioned exactly where I can effortlessly access them as needed.


Paint with Me


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on June 26, 2012.

5 Responses to “Paint Tube Organizer”

  1. Great Idea Lorriane! thanks for sharing it! I’m inspired by your enthusiasm and creativity!

  2. Hello Lorraine! I’ve been looking for exactly that for a couple of years now ~ would you have the brand/make label on it still that you could share with me? Many thanks! kari, Victoria, BC Canada

  3. Hi Kari, Glad you liked my idea. There is no specific brand it’s just a jewelry organizer. You can find one on line or at a Bed Bath & Beyond. (not sure what stores are near you) Amazon has them also.
    Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

  4. I had the same “real estate” problem so I screwed cup hooks on the side of my cabinet, clupped a small binder clip on the bottom of each paint tube and now they are hanging right beside my work table ready for me to grab.

  5. That’s a great idea and it’s an easy way to find the colors you need without having to go through draws, bags or boxes. Thanks for sharing, Lorraine

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