Painting the Sunset at ‘Off Key tikki Bar’

I rent studio space along with 3 other artists at ‘River Studio’ located at The Off Key Tikki Bar in Patchogue NY. The complex is a bar, restaurant & marina with live bands & great drinks. They have themes nights & events that change daily.Today’s theme is ‘Sunset at Key West’ and the owner asked me if I would paint a clock which will be used to count down to sunset. How difficult could painting a clock be? So I said yes and asked my studio-mat Ted if I could use some of his acrylic paints for this simple job. Then I saw the “clock”… stood upright about 6 1/2′ tall & 4′ wide!



I was surprised to see how big it was and immediately knew I needed a game plan if I wanted to make this happen. I thought I would paint a colorful sunset with a water view, similar to one of my watercolor paintings except this would be painted with acrylic paint. I got to work cutting out a large circle to use as a stencil to outline the sun shape. I drew the circle & the horizon line and started my attack by layering colors to simulate the sky & water of the setting sun.





A clock kit was attached to the board and a single hand was used to signify the moment of sunset.



The entire project took me over 3 hours to complete and many times I wasn’t exactly sure what I was doing but I got the job done and knew it would be the centerpiece of the event.

I learned a lot about painting with acrylic paint but I’ll stay true to my love of watercolor.


Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on July 22, 2012.

2 Responses to “Painting the Sunset at ‘Off Key tikki Bar’”


  2. You translated your watercolor style to acrylics very nicely. I love the colors, too!

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