Negative Painting ~~~TREES


I continually see images surrounding me in my everyday life that I mentally translate into negative shapes.

I recently completed a painting titled ‘ALLURING FOREST’ which is 1 of several paintings in my newest collection called ‘THE ENCHANTED FOREST’



This painting started like so many others by splashing, dripping & mingling pigment & water onto the paper. When completely dry I use a wash of color and negative paint the outline of the trees. Here I created 6 individual tree shapes which will be the trees in the forefront. All other trees & branches will be placed behind these 6 images.



I started the second wash working from the left edge of the paper. I carefully painted another layer of negative shapes ‘behind’ the 1st layer of trees. I’m using a wash of color slightly darker than the first.



In this photo you can see the second layer is complete and a 3rd layer has been worked in behind the previous one. Each application of a new wash is slightly darker than the last which creates depth in the painting.



I continue to work the layers of trees & branches using a dark blue paint which you can clearly see on the right side of the painting.



Next I moved to the top on the painting and defined some of the tree tops by negative painting a few shapes to separate the individual trees. I also negative painted a few small branches poking out of a couple of tree tops.

I added some color & detail to the tree trunks making sure to give the trees in the forefront more definition than those in the distance.



When the painting was complete I splattered a silver watercolor paint lightly over the entire surface. Using a damp flat brush I spread some of the droplets around while leaving others intact. This gave the painting a soft sparkle which added an interesting touch to the finished piece.


Most people are fascinated by the amount of detail within this painting and marvel over the work that I did on this piece. I never for one moment felt I did any work on this painting because all I ever felt while painting was pure joy.


Paint with Me




~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on September 11, 2012.

5 Responses to “Negative Painting ~~~TREES”

  1. “I never for one moment felt I did any work on this painting because all I ever felt while painting was pure joy.”

    For me, this pretty says it all, dear Lorraine.
    I celebrate your artistry.

  2. Dear Lorraine:
    I find this one doable for me and I really like the composition and the color palette. I would be so happly to live in this peaceful and colorful forest. I am sure you are happier doing this for us to paint along free instead of charging us a fee. I wouldn’t mind sending you a check each time I paint along. Negative painting is so fresh, natural and artistic looking. Thanks a lot.

  3. I love the layers of color and the mutlicolor effect of your works. This painting is very ethereal. I love how the picture glows. Beautiful work.

  4. I really admire negative painting – I can’t get my head round it myself but would love to e able to do it!

  5. It takes awhile to ‘see’ the images in the negative. Practice, Patience & Perseverance are needed but then the brain adjusts and the forms start to become clear. Start small using 2 images like in my blog ‘negative painting-easy shapes’ have fun and enjoy the painting process

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