A Simple Way To Paint A Crowd In Watercolor

Some things seem more complicated than they are. 

An artist shared this simple technique with me in a workshop I attended several years ago.


Working with the paper in a vertical position, paint a 1 1/2″ wide line of watercolor paint, changing the colors frequently allowing the paint to mingle & bleed together. Continue until you have created about a 4-6″ line of any colors you choose.


Art 3-10-2013C1


Turn the paper horizontal. While the paint is still wet add small dots or circles along the top edge of the painted strip of colors. Vary your color choices and the size of the circles as you work.


Art 3-10-2013C12


While the paint is still wet add inverted V shapes along the lower edge of the painting. Again, vary the colors & sizes while you allow the pigment to bleed & flow within the small painting.


Art 3-10-2013C3


While you were having fun playing with colors and shapes you created a crowd scene. Now add a little color above the heads leaving a slight amount of white to show the outline of the top of the heads. Next add a little shadow to show the light source.

Here are two small samples done on scrap paper.


Art 3-10-2013


Art 3-10-2013b_______________________________________________________________________________________

You can add as much detail as you like to the people but I love these little group scenes just the way they are.

Colorful. Simple. Lively. Refreshing.


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~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on March 12, 2013.

3 Responses to “A Simple Way To Paint A Crowd In Watercolor”

  1. WHAT A FUN technique, Lorraine!!

  2. Brilliant! I love it..can’t wait to try! thanks so much for sharing your work here…

  3. Have fun Deb, you’ll love playing with different colors & shapes.

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