Sharing My Favorite Watercolor Paints

Recently my artist friend, Carol, asked me how I achieve such vibrancy in my paintings. I believe it’s the fact that I use lots of fresh pigment when I paint & I use very good paint. I offered to share some of my paints with her so she could try them and then decide if she’d like to purchase some for herself. I made up this sample strip to give her.


Paint Samples1



Paint Samples2


I placed a small blob of paint on a strip of watercolor paper, wrote the name & brand of the paint and added a small color sample so she could see each color. The brands I use the most are (H) Holbein (DS) Daniel Smith (MG) M Graham. I find these paints stay moist for a long time & re-wet beautifully. These brands have plenty of magnificent colors for me to choose from.


Paint Samples3


I have made these sample strips for when I plein air paint or if I want to take a tiny amount of my favorite colors with me as I travel or if I want to just  sit down on the beach.  I can choose whatever colors I want and make them ahead of time so they can harden. A wet brush will activate the blobs and I can competently & effortlessly paint in my journal or pad.


I think Carol will enjoy these little jewels of color I made for her. Maybe she’ll find some new colors to add to her palette.


Paint with Me


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on April 9, 2013.

2 Responses to “Sharing My Favorite Watercolor Paints”

  1. what a wonderful idea!

  2. Thanks Sharon

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