Animal Eyes in Watercolor

Today I put aside my fear of drawing eyes and started a study of painting eyes from my photo reference collection. I enlarged photos of my dogs faces so I could see the detail & shape of their eyes clearly.


EYES #3 5-2013


I  started by drawing an elongated oval shape with pointed ends & added a circle in the center, that was the extent of my drawing. I used a very controlled amount of water & pigment allowing the paint to mingle & flow outside the drawn lines.


EYES #1 5-2013


I focused on the shape of the eye and the importance of having a white highlight within the iris to show the reflection of light in the subject’s eye.


EYES #2 5-2013


EYES #6 5-13

EYES #6 5-13a










What an enjoyable way to spend a rainy afternoon in the studio

playing with the colors & shapes of eyes.


EYES # 5 5-13


Using a variety of cool & warm colors I attempted a portrait of my friend Moose. I’m not trying to paint a replica of him but I’m happy I captured the likeness of my departed companion.

Doing these studies of assorted eyes validated my belief that I could achieve positive results using my watercolor paints and not rely on drawing skills alone.

Trying something unfamiliar, like painting eyes, helps me to refocus & expand my ideas on what I want to paint as an artist. It felt good to be concentrating on the newness of the subject and gave me freedom to explore & probe the unknown. Tomorrow I might go back to a subject that I’m more comfortable with but I learned so much from today’s painting that I think I’ll fill another day with the challenges of painting animal faces.


Paint with Me


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on May 13, 2013.

9 Responses to “Animal Eyes in Watercolor”

  1. Nice! I love your enthusiasm as well as your paintings.

  2. ps. your enthusiasm is contagious!

  3. Thanks Debbie

  4. Your eyes are wonderful and show emotion and character

  5. Thanks Sharon .


  7. Thanks Peggy, glad you like them 🙂

  8. wonderful! thanks so much for sharing…i love your posts and always learn something…very inspiring too!

  9. Hi Deb, thanks for your comments. & turning me on to Jean Haines!

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